(3) Dry-fried Chicken Wings @ San Tung Chinese

Dry-fried chicken wings @ San Tung Chinese. Photo credit: Kendra Aronson. 

If I could have one wish, it would be to douse myself in this sweet sticky sauce. From head to toe, just head dive into a big vat of this glaze. (!) You only get one measly paper napkin, but, if you are like me and know about efficient finger licking, I guarantee you won't even touch your napkin. Alternatively, if you order something spicy - like the man that sitting next to me, who would switch off using his one hand to swipe his smartphone screen to view anime and then in quick intervals pat down his sweating bullets - you may require additional napkins. But let's get back to the matter at hand: dry-friend chicken wings. The sauce was sweet, savory, sticky, gingery, and brown sugary. Mmmmmm. The chicken skin was crispy and topped off with scallions and dried red peppers. The lady next to me had ordered the same thing, but with shrimp, and had about 14 mouthgasms. She even closed her eyes a few times, no shame, she was feeling it. It was brilliant to watch. FYI: you get 6 pieces for $7 - SUPER SAN FRANCISCO STEAL! Go get it, now.

Anime/Sweating Man @ San Tung Chinese. Photo credit: Kendra Aronson.
Old/wise Chinese man nommmmmming @ San Tung Chinese. Photo credit: Kendra Aronson.

So many great things to say about this place. You know you've found a legit gem when you are the only Caucasian in an Asian restaurant with 75+ patrons at lunch time. Score. I got seated at a communal table with complete strangers. Something that I dig about the dining scene in San Francisco is the abundance of communal tables. Each table seats ten and has a lazy Susan (best invention ever? Props to you, Susan.) The carpets in this place remind me of a Hilton hotel lobby, you know, the kind of paisley carpet with moss green and maroon/mauve undertones?  The waiters wear starchy white collared shirts, pressed black slacks, floor length white aprons, and mini black bow ties - tres fancy.
San Tung Chinese. Photo credit: Google Maps.
San Tung Chinese. Photo credit: Google Maps.
Dry-fried Chicken Wings @ San Tung Chinese ($7)
1031 Irving Street
San Francisco, CA 94112
Open every day 11:00-9:30 (closed Wednesdays)


  1. The place looks great! And from the sounds of it, the chicken wings are really a meal worth coming to. It surely looks delicious. And the lady sure knows how to appreciate delicious chicken wings since she ate quite a number! I’m sure all the people here feel the same when they are taking a bite of those mouth-watering chicken wings!

    @Rodrigo Mukhopadhyay

    1. Hi Rodrigo! Thank you so much for the comment. You must go to this place - it's a non-brainer bargain bite!


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