(5) Chashu Ramen @ Katana-ya Restaurant

Whoa, 7x7. You dropped the ball on this one. I am thoroughly confused why this made the list. Not only is this not list-worthy, it was gross. Like, one of the worst meals I've ever had. I was actually annoyed I had to pay. Yikes. I'm scratching my head over here...The chasu was thick slabs of tough, dry, "meat". The ramen lacked that chewy/slurpiness character . The broth was watery and lacking flavor. The seaweed and bean sprouts tasted spoiled. Not impressed, would not recommend it. Didn't take a photo, but you can view one here.

Chashu Ramen @ Katana-Ya Restaurant ($9)
430 Geary Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
Monday-Sunday 11:30 a.m. - 1 a.m.


  1. totally agreed. this place may have been the best ramen in SF a long, long time ago but it's certainly not anymore. not even close.

    1. Thank you for validating me on this Justin, I hate giving a poor review but this ramen is just totally whack!


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