I received an email from the Digital Audience Manager @ 7x7.com because they are putting together a roundup of people who are blogging their way through the Big Eat list and wanted to include my blog/photos! Verrrrry excitingggggg! Thank you very much 7x7! YOU ROCK.

I was asked to answer the following questions:
(1) How many Big Eat dishes have you tackled so far?
(2) What's been your favorite item yet
(3) What dish would you nominate for next year.


Here was my response in case you are interested :)

(1) I have dominated all the 100 dishes of the 2012 Big Eat list which was documented on my blog, The Big Eat. Every item has one blog post that went live daily for the last 100 days of 2012, the posts were organized in chronological order according to the 7x7 eating check off list. I also drank through the 2012 Big Drink list, which was documented on my blog > The Big Drink. Every drink has one blog post that went live daily for the last 50 days of 2012, the posts were organized in chronological order according to the 7x7 drinking check off list. I still need to have one last cocktail on the list - the Gin Fizz Tropical at Heaven's Dog (they have been renovating for several months so I don't know when I will be able to drink it). I also created this Facebook page (The Big Eat SF // The Big Drink SF) so that readers could easily follow along on my foodie adventures of simultaneously eating & drinking through the lists.

(2) My favorite item....hmmm....now that's a tricky question because it's impossible to narrow down to just one. So how about if I only had 48 hours to be in San Francisco I would try to do eat the following, you think I'm joking, but I am totally serious....I'll say it once and I'll say it again, gluttony is my middle name >

DAY 1 = SAVORYBreakfast = Secret Breakfast @ Humphrey Slocombe
Brunch = Chicken Porridge @ Out the Door
1st Lunch = $24 Prix Fixe @ Cotogna
2nd Lunch = Porchetta Sandwich @ RoliRoti
Afternoon snack #1 = Rice Burger @ Sandbox Bakery
Afternoon snack #2 = Tonkotsu Ramen @ Izakaya Sozai
Afternoon snack #3 = Dry-fried Chicken Wings @ San Tung Chinese
Afternoon snack #4 = Soft Garlic Pretzels @ Absinthe Brasserie & Bar
Pre-dinner snack = Langos @ Bar Tartine
1st Dinner = Carnitas @ Nopalito
2nd Dinner = Pork Sugo @ Delfina

DAY 2 = SWEETBreakfast = Kouign Amann @ Fourbarrel Coffee
Brunch = Benwaffles @ Bar Jules
1st Lunch = Katsu Curry @ Muracci's Japanese Curry & Grill
2nd Lunch = Fried Chicken and Waffles @ Little Skillet
Afternoon dessert #1= Kelvin-made Ice Cream @ Smitten
Afternoon dessert #2 = Cookies-and-cream Cookie @ Anthony's Cookies
Afternoon dessert #3 = Nojo Sundae @ Nojo Restaurant
Afternoon dessert #4 = Coconut Buns @ King's Bakery
Pre-dinner snack = Seafood Chowder @ Bar Crudo
1st Dinner = Duck and Sausage Jumbalaya @ the Boxing Room
2nd Dinner = Malaysian Curry Laksa Soup @ Betelnut

And of course, my belly/soul (those are the same thing, right?) became obsessed with the universally beloved San Francisco iconic dishes = the Roasted Chicken Salad @ Zuni, the Morning Bun and the loaf of Tartine bread straight out of the oven at Tartine Bakery, the Pizza Margherita @ Delfina Pizzeria, the Salted Caramel Ice Cream @ Bi-Rite Creamery, the Chips & Salsa @ Papalote Mexican Grill, a Dozen Sweetwater Oysters @ Hog Island Oyster Co., the Pho Ga @ Turtle Tower Restaurant and the Super Carne Asada Burrito@ El Farolito. These were unforgettable the first time I tried them and continue to astound my taste buds.

My most memorable moments were (a) being allowed to order the Faux Shark Fin Soup a la carte @ Benu, which is exclusively offered as part of their $180 tasting menu but they graciously made an exception and generously gave me a lot of free dishes! (b) when Chef Melissa Perello specifically prepared one order of the Chicken Liver Mousse Toast @ Frances for me! She is a total badass and I admire her very much & (c) when I ate the last item of my list, which was the Whole Wheat Pasta with Hen & Liver @ Flour + Water, the Chef made only one serving of the dish for the evening, gave me another phenomenal pasta dish, and comped the entire meal! Oh yeah, and one other notable moment was when the comment section got feisty after I left a poor review...I was called a "non-Italian idiot" by Joseph Alfieri, which upon some Google investigation, is the General Manager at Bon Appetit Management Company. That was a good laugh.

(3) I have already nominated the following ten items to be featured on the 2013 Big Eat list on my blog here > the Peanut Butter dessert @ Commonwealth, the MBC Huevos @ Mission Beach Cafe, the Burger with bacon @ Mission Beach Cafe, the Burger with bacon @ Monk's Kettle, the Tea Leaf Salad @ Burma Superstar, the Monger's Choice Cheese Flight @ Mission Cheese, Chicken Tikka Masala @ Naan N' Curry, Pastrami Sandwich @ L&M Market, the Valencia Street on Dutch Crunch @ Rhea's Deli, and the Fried Chicken @ Wayfare Tavern.


There it is folks. I ate all 100 things. Highlighted are my favorite items. Thank you dear readers for following my foodie adventures. Thank you to all the incredibly talented chefs of this amazing city, I wish I could hug you all :)  !!!!

(1) Salt Cod RiceMission Chinese ($10)
(2) Roasted Chicken and Bread SaladZuni Cafe ($48)
(3) Dry-fried Chicken WingsSan Tung Chinese ($7)
(4) Carnitas TacoLa Taqueria ($3.50)
(5) Chashu RamenKatana-ya Restaurant ($9)
(6) Custard French ToastNopa ($7)
(7) Morning BunTartine Bakery ($3.85)
(8) Cellophane Noodles with CrabThe Slanted Door ($20)
(9) Eggs in JailOuterlands ($9)
(10) Kelvin-made Ice CreamSmitten Ice Cream ($4.75)
(11) Pork SugoDelfina Restaurant ($17)
(12) Porchetta SandwichRoliRoti ($9.50)
(13) Soup DumplingsKingdom of Dumpling ($6.95)
(14) Warm Egg Salad SandwichIl Cane Rosso ($5.50)
(15) Any seasonal flavorScream Sorbet ($3)
(16) Katsu CurryMuracci's Japanese Curry & Grill ($9.45)
(17) Pizza MargheritaPizzeria Delfina ($13)
(18) $24 Prix FixeCotogna ($24)
(19) Benwaffles (monthly)Bar Jules ($14)
(20) Salumi Misti PlatePerbacco ($12)
(21) Tonkotsu RamenIzakaya Sozai ($9)
(22) Vietnamese Roasted Pork SandwichSaigon Sandwiches ($3.25)
(23) Duck and Sausage Jambalaya (Thursdays)Boxing Room ($21)
(24) Loaf of bread straight out of the ovenTartine Bakery ($8)
(25) Pistachio Meatballs Zare at Fly Trap ($13)
(26) Spicy Baby Octopus StewLa Ciccia Restaurant ($13)
(27) Tuna TartareBix ($12)
(28) Clam ChowderAnchor Oyster Bar ($4.25)
(29) Amatriciana PizzaRagazza ($16)
(30) PupusasBalompie Cafe ($5)
(31) Prime RibHouse of Prime Rib ($37.45+)
(32) Pork Belly BunChairman Bao Bun Truck ($3.75)
(33) The Little StarLittle Star Pizza ($18.75)
(34) Argentine Beef EmpanadaVenga Empanada ($3.75)
(35) Salted Caramel Ice CreamBi-Rite Creamery ($3.50)
(36) Soft Garlic Pretzels Absinthe Brasserie & Bar ($8)
(37) Whole Wheat Pasta with Hen and LiverFlour + Water ($?)
(38) Burger and FriesSpruce's Bar ($16+)
(39) Egg Custard TartGolden Gate Bakery ($1.35)
(40) Pierna Enchilada TortaLa Torta Gorda ($5.75)
(41) LangosBar Tartine ($11)
(42) Maccaronara with Ricotta SalataA16 ($10)
(43) Nojo SundaeNojo Restaurant ($8.50)
(44) Beer SausageRosamunde Sausage Grill ($6)
(45) Duck LarbLers Ros Thai ($10.95)
(46) Secret BreakfastHumphry Slocombe ($3.25)
(47) Chips & SalsaPapalote Mexican Grill ($4.95)
(48) Seafood ChowderBar Crudo ($5)
(49) Ginger SnapsMiette ($8.50)
(50) Chicken Soup with DumplingsLeopold's ($6.25)
(51) Pho GaTurtle Tower Restaurant ($6.20)
(52) CarnitasNopalito ($15)
(53) Masala BurritoCurry Up Now ($8)
(54) Kouign AmannFourbarrel Coffee ($4)
(55) A Dozen Sweetwater OystersHog Island Oyster ($27)
(56) Chicken PorridgeOut the Door ($9)
(57) Sandwich No. 1Lucca Delicatessen ($5.99)
(58) Pork Shoulder Fried RiceSai Jai Thai Restaurant ($6.25)
(59) Hamburger4505 Meats ($8)
(60) Huarache with Cactus SaladEl Huarache Loco ($6.75)
(61) Spaghetti with Tuna HeartIncanto Restaurant & Wine Bar ($11)
(62) Dim SumTon Kiang Restaurant ($38)
(63) Friday's Pozole (Fridays)San Jalisco Restaurant ($9.95)
(64) Sand DabsTadich Grill ($23.95)
(65) Cookies-and-cream CookieAnthony's Cookies ($1.25)
(66) Paper Masala DosaDosa ($10)
(67) Meatloaf SandwichThe Fatted Calf ($9.50)
(68) FocacciaLiguria Bakery ($4)
(69) Omakase MenuKiss ($60)
(70) Calamari with Chorizo and Black RiceContigo ($13)
(71) Fried Green BeansCoco500 ($7)
(72) Peanut BrittleMr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous ($7)
(73) MunsonedDeli Board ($11)
(74) Faux Shark Fin's SoupBenu ($18, but normally only exclusively offered on their $180 tasting menu)
(75) Super Carne Asada BurritoEl Farolito Taqueria ($6.78)
(76) Steak FritesL'Ardoise ($19)
(77) Fried ChickenForeign Cinema ($23)
(78) Bone MarrowAlembic ($12)
(79) Crawfish BeignetsBrenda's French Soul Food ($8)
(80) Potato Latke with Pickled BeetsBaker & Banker ($14)
(81) Pickled EggComstock Saloon ($10)
(82) Breakfast EggsBoulette's Larder ($16.50)
(83) Rice BurgerSandbox Bakery ($8)
(84) Cheese Slice @ Arinell Pizza ($2.75)
(85) Sesame BallsYank Sing ($10.50)
(86) Fried Chicken SandwichMarlowe ($13)
(87) Coconut BunsKing's Bakery Cafe (50¢)
(88) Malaysian Curry Laksa SoupBetelnut ($11.95)
(89) Korean TacosNamu's Farmer's Market Stand ($5.50)
(90) Albondigas SoupMijita ($8)
(91) Bacon-wrapped Hot Doga cart in the Mission ($4)
(92) Chicken Liver Mousse on ToastFrances ($11)
(93) Seven Flavors of BeefPagolac ($17)
(94) Hawaiian Hangover CakeBluestem Brasserie ($9)
(95) Deviled EggsPark Tavern ($2)
(96) Ube Ice CreamMitchell's Ice Cream ($3.20)
(97) Green Goddess SaladProspect (13.50)
(98) Chicken Curry Lunch Special @ Punjab Kabab ($8)
(99) Fried Chicken and WafflesLittle Skillet (9.25)
(100) Cracked Dungeness CrabSwan Oyster Depot (17.95)

In case you are curious, the total costs to consume this list (before tax + tip) was 1,097.92. Which sounds like a whopping number, but it averages to $91/month or $23/week. So, go out, and eat my friends! :)

things that should be on the 2013 list

Here is list of ten items I think should be included on the 2013 Big Eat list >

Peanut Chocolate dessert @ Commonwealth
MBC Huevos @ Mission Beach Cafe
Burger with bacon @ Mission Beach Cafe
Burger with bacon @ Monk's Kettle
Tea Leaf Salad @ Burma Superstar
Monger's Choice Cheese Flight @ Mission Cheese
Chicken Tikka Masala @ Naan N' Curry
Pastrami Sandwich @ L&M Market
Valencia Street on Dutch Crunch @ Rhea's Deli
Fried Chicken @ Wayfare Tavern

What do you think should make the cut for the 2013 Big Eat list?

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