(68) Focaccia @ Liguria Bakery

Oh wow, Liguria Bakery. What a gem!  Did you know Liguria Bakery is 101 years old?! Holy wow, it's a tried & true San Francisco establishment. All they sell at this little whole in the wall is Focaccia. Their menu is as follows > Plain $4 // Onion $4 // Pizza $4.25 // Raisin $4.25 // Garlic $4.25 // Rosemary $4.50 // Mushroom $4.50 // Black Olive $4.50 // Rosemary Garlic $4.50 // Frozen Focaccia $3. That's it. Ha! It's epic. I bet the rent on their space is soooo cheap since they have been there since the beginning of time. When you walk in it's like you are walking into another dimension, there are white walls everywhere, with white shelves with nothing on them. Seriously, take a peek here with a virtual tour. You tell them which flavor you'd like and they go retrieve it from the back kitchen. It's all very bizarre and cool and if you are lucky they might even make eye contact with you. Then a lady who has probably been there since the beginning of time will carefully bundle up your precious focaccia in thick white parcel paper and tie it up with some thick twine, and SHE WON'T USE SCISSORS to cut the twine but instead somehow use her FINGERS. #twilightzone #gypsymagic. (we tried cutting the twine outselves with our own fingers and it was IMPOSSIBLE . The focaccia itself it very fresh, fluffy and addicting > featured below is the garlic rosemary, TASTY! Get it!
Focaccia @ Liguria Bakery. Photo credit: Shea Somma. 
Liguria Bakery. Photo credit: Shea Somma.
Focaccia @ Liguria Bakery. Photo credit: Shea Somma.
Foccaccia @ Liguria Bakery ($4)
1700 Stockton Street
San Francisco, CA 94133
Monday - Friday > 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Saturday > 7 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Sunday > closed


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