(16) Katsu Curry @ Muracci's Japanese Curry & Grill

There will never be enough of this sauce. According to their website, "the sauce takes 2 days to prepare. The homemade soup stock, along with vegetables, herbs and spice are simmered for 20 hours, resulting in a thick curry base." Twenty hours. Now that's what I call curry dedication. These crispy, juicy, tender pork cutlets are breaded and fried; then are smothered in this warm, sweet, thick curry sauce over a bed of chewy white rice. I crave this curry all the time. Allllll the time. Once you have it, you will always crave it too. If I worked in the Financial District this would be my go-to lunch spot. Expect a large line out the door during lunch rush and be forewarned that they are closed on weekends. That being said, the line moves rapid fast because this establishment is a curry-slinging machine!
Katsu Curry @ Muracci's Japanese Curry & Grill. Photo credit: Kendra Aronson.
Katsu Curry @ Muracci's Japanese Curry & Grill ($9.45)
307 Kearny Street
San Francisco, CA 94108
Monday - Thursday > 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Friday > 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.


  1. I will make my future job in the financial district just to go there for lunch!

    1. atta girl! You got your priorities straight!


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