(9) Eggs in Jail @ Outerlands

"Outerlands is a gathering place for sea goers who seek warmth, shelter, food, and fellowship. It is a retreat from the saltwater chill, or a place to hang your hat after a long day's frolic in the sun. This is a space built by the community of sea dwellers on the  sandy fringes of San Francisco: a cozy haven nestled amidst the vase landscape of Ocean Beach."
This quote, this lifestyle, and this restaurant make me want to move to the Outer Sunset neighborhood. This block of Judah is such a tight-knit gem of wonderful people, places, and smells. It's worth the trek, every time. 
Eggs in Jail @ Outerlands. Photo credit: Outerlands.

The Eggs in Jail consist of a thick griddled slab of their signature loaf, a fried egg in the center, with a side of crispy/chewy bacon, and some greens. It's really simple, comforting, homey, and toothsome. Order this, or anything on the menu, all of it is good. Every single item. Cross my heart. Expect a long line for Brunch....but don't fret! In the mean time, do the following:

>Get a coffee at Trouble Coffee 
>Peruse the goodies at the General Store
>Take a quick peek at the Carville Annex
>Shred at Ocean Beach!
Outerlands. Photo credit: SF Girl by the Bay.
Outerlands. Photo credit: SF Girl by the Bay.
Outerlands. Photo credit: SF Girl by the Bay.

EGGS IN JAIL (via 7x7)
2 farm eggs
1 1/2-inch-thick slice of pan au levain bread 
2 thick slices of bacon
Sea salt
1. Begin by cutting a hole in the center of the bread, saving the cut-out piece.
2. Render the bacon over medium heat in a cast-ron pan until par cooked. Set bacon aside. Drain off and reserve grease. 
3. Wipe pan, preheat over medium heat, and brush pan lightly with bacon grease. Place bread on pan, and brush pan again through the hole in the bread. Crack eggs directly into the hole and season with salt (eggs should sit flush with top of bread). Cook eggs 3-4 minutes on one side, and then flip quickly using a fish spatula, being careful not to allow the eggs to spill out or break. Meanwhile, place the cut bread circle in the pan to toast, checking periodically for color. Add bacon back to pan and cook to desired crispiness as the eggs finish to over-medium.  

Eggs in Jail @ Outerlands ($9)
Lunch: Tuesday - Friday 11am - 3pm, Saturday 10am - 3pm
Dinner: Tuesday - Thursday 6pm - 10 pm, Friday - Saturday 5:30pm - 10pm
Brunch: Sunday 10am - 3pm


  1. best. breakfast. ever. also, you forgot to mention go shred ocean beach to the list of things to do while waiting....

    1. How could I forget? I updated the post!

  2. Replies
    1. So jealous you live a few blocks away, such a treat!

  3. love love looovvveee the sunset! someday, when I come visit, can we go here please?

    1. YES, PLEASE. When are you coming? I haven't seen you in forevvvverrrrr, let's haaaang homeslice!

  4. I've been here too with Ali-Bear! SO DELICIOUS IN MA BELLYYYY!!!


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