(27) Tuna Tartare @ Bix

Well shoot, Bix was out of Tuna Tartare (and has been for several months, yes, I know, because I call them quite often asking if they have it on the menu), but they did have Salmon Tartare and Steak Tartare. I had the Salmon Tartare...salmon...tuna...potato potato, right? Both fish. Close enough. This little appetizer was served on four bite size soft rye crackers, topped with little morsels of salmon tartare glued together with a dollop of dill sour cream. This appetizer was good, but not great, nothing to write home about...On another note, I find it fascinating that we humans can eat raw meat and raw fish. There is something very primal about consuming raw foods. I won't lie, whenever I am near the butcher counter and I eye the pretty, sleek, pristine looking raw goods I want to eat them right then and there. Is that gross? What can I say, the inner cavewoman in me finds the meats appealing.
Salmon Tartare @ Bix. Photo credit: Kendra Aronson. 
Outdoor seating @ Bix. Photo credit: Kendra Aronson.
Bix neon signage & Transamerica Pyramid. Photo credit: Kendra Aronson.
Tuna Tartare @ Bix ($12)
56 Gold Street
San Francisco, CA 94133
Monday - Sunday > 4:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.


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