(26) Spicy Baby Octopus Stew @ La Ciccia Restaurant

This dish is a hearty plateful of tender baby octopus, but to be honest, I wasn't that impressed. It looked more appetizing than it actually tasted - it was undersalted, underspiced, and...underflavlorful. I always feel bad giving a bad review, sorry La Ciccia. I know you are a neighborhood establishment, but I just wasn't feeling this.
Spicy Baby Octopus Stew @ La Ciccia Restaurant. Photo credit: Yelp.
Spicy Baby Octopus Stew @ La Ciccia Restaurant ($13)
291 30th Street
San Francisco, CA 94131
Monday > closed
Tuesday - Sunday > 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.


  1. Your nuts!!! This is one of the best dishes. Non-Italian idiot..

    1. Joesph - concordiamo di non essere d'accordo

  2. @Joseph Alfieri, are you implying that this female writer has testicles? And what does that have to do with liking a dish or not? Your grammar confuses me...

  3. @Joseph Alfieri, not classy. We're all entitled to our own palates. Are Italians blessed with superior tastebuds? I am marrying an Italian next week. He thinks authentic Italian dining is putting sriracha all over his macaroni and cheese. Also, it would help if you learned to spell and/or use punctuation. Your comment makes you look like an eighth grader.

  4. PS. I hate when food is under-salted. As if not adding salt is a virtue! Ew! Not virtuous!

  5. Joseph - there is a nice way to say it. Simple put, this dish is incredible. After spending many summers in Sardenia, the dish is so authentic and so flavorful. I think you might have gone on an off night, Kendra or maybe this isn't your style of food. Also, after reading your other articles I believe you probably should start writing about something other than food or maybe read some books by chefs and foodies. Joseph, I completely understand how you feel. P.S. Many restaurants put salt and pepper on the table for a reason. Some people like more salt than others but once salt is added you cannot get it out.


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