(22) Vietnamese Roasted Pork Sandwich @ Saigon Sandwiches

Question: is it worth risking my life to eat cheap and delicious food in the Tenderloin? Yes, of course. Absolutely. Every time I venture to the T-Loin I kick myself for putting myself in danger, but every time I make it out alive I pat myself on the back for successfully tackling a terrifying neighborhood.
Things one should expect when in the Tenderloin:
(1) Expect to see a lot of "hotels" that aren't hotels...
(2) Expect to see hypodermic needles in the gutters.
(3) Expect to be hit on by strange/smelly homeless men.
(4) Expect to hear gun shots (don't worry Mom, haven't heard them yet...)
(5) BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, expect delicious cheap ethnic eats! WORTH IT.
Saigon Sandwich shop. Photo credit: Kendra Aronson. 
The Vietnamese Roasted Pork Sandwich is one of those deliciously cheap sandwiches. I mean, c'mon how does one beat the price of $3.25 for a hearty substancial banh mi?! Plus, it comes from a hole in the wall that sells a hodge podge of Vietnamese treats on the cheap and the establishment is run by a few Vietnamese women who are happy banh-mi-slining-machines! Also, what is fanci pork? Anyone? I may have to venture to the T-Loin again to find out for myself.
Vietnamese Roasted Pork Sandwich @ Saigon Sandwiches. Photo credit: Kendra Aronson.
Vietnamese Roasted Pork Sandwich @ Saigon Sandwiches (3.25)
560 Larkin 
San Francisco, CA 94102
Monday - Sunday > 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.


  1. um, duh. yes. sign me up now. please.

    1. !!!!!!!!! I'm real excited to take to you here!


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